Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Rosia Montana - Fool's Gold?

"I am a journalist outraged by what is happening to a beautiful corner of my country. The photo was taken on May 1st of this year in the oldest village in Romania, called Rosia Montana. The village is now the field battle of two sides: a Canadian based company (Gabriel Resources) that wants to tear four mountains into holes to get the gold out of them... and ecologists and other NGO members who do not want the beautiful mountains, the cultural and historical heritage to be destroyed". Taken by Mirela (for more information click here).


Denton said...

A photo with a cause. Mirela, best of luck in your efforts.

malawika said...

Hi there!

Good photo!

I have some pictures from my city, Bydgoszcz. You can check them on my blog or Flickr! See you :)

Anonymous said...

the author of this picture si Mirela Rus, PR manager working for Soros Romania. Soros Foundation is financing and supporting the NGOs' campaing against the project and aganist the community

PR Manager is not compatible with journalism. journalist has to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and also to remain balanced.
you forgot to mention the main thing about Rosia Montana: community is supporting the mining project.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous-

For you to choose to be anonymous is a pity- it is harder to take your comments in context, surely.

Mirela said...

It is true that I am now working for the Soros Foundation, but in May 2007, when the photo was taken and when I first visited Rosia Montana, I was working as a journalist, for BBC Romania (and I had been working as a journalist for 14 years).