Tuesday, 9 October 2007

International Day for Burma - London

"'Let us pray for freedom peace in Burma and the world' - These ladies are part of a group called 'Prayer for Freedom'".

"'We wish all people and all creatures well-being, happiness and prosperity everywhere in the world'. This picture was taken at the end of the Burma peace rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, 6th October when the monks closed the event with a prayer and candle ceremony. Note the beautiful, serene expression on the face of the monk, second from the left".

"'I was lucky to survive and excape after being tortured in Burma 10 years ago. Please help the many thousands not as fortunate as me'. This inspirational and brave Burmese man is holding up the type of metal chain used on him and other prisoners for torture in Burma".

All images and comments by Arvind Devalia.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich for sharing these views with su. I wanted to be part of the demonstrations but was unable to get the details in time. At least with this site we can show we are part of a Global Community and share even this tiny part of the Burmese People's pain. Mike

Arvind Devalia said...

Thank you very much Rich for helping me spread the word for peace in Burma and freedom for the Burmese people via your wonderful website.

Keep up the good work.


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marcaval said...

Thank you to make looking the protests against the Burmese Junta!
Ciao Marco