Monday, 19 November 2007

Like a Snowstorm

"Sanibel in February is lush with flowering blossoms, my favourite being the splendid Bougainvillea which has always inspired real passion in me. It was amazing to be able to get up close and be able to see the delicate white flower inside. In Riyadh in the Harmattan Winds used to send the Bougainvillea flying through the streets like a snowstorm. Pure magic". Taken by Alexandra


Lynne said...

Great photo, Alexandra. I never noticed the white flower inside a Bougainvillea and I'll look more closely in future.

Jules said...

Bougainvillea grows like a weed here and i have it all over my fence and half strangling my lemon tree!! I'm off now to have a peek inside to see if i can find the snow!!

synapse_jim said...

Alexandra:::you've captured this bloom expertly and deftly:::the Floral web::the majesty::bravo