Thursday, 8 November 2007

Venice-The Art of Dreaming

"There is no city on earth quite like it. To wander the streets and round every corner find a breathtaking view is an everyday occurrence here. Early one evening just as the sun was setting I walked across the Rialto Bridge and looking down the Grand Canal was bustling with water traffic. Truly this is the 'Serenissima' - the most serene city in the world". Taken by Mike


stevo said...

Wonderful photo. Great composition and vantage point. I love night shots, nicely done.

Jules said...

I have missed so many great photos and feel totally out of the loop - have managed to get here to day so it has been great to catch up on all the fabulous posts.

Venice is one of my fav places in the world and this photo certainly tells it how it is!!!

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