Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Hackney Car Cut

"This is one of a series of Street Paintings in Brick Lane, London, that is so simple in idea that everyone from all of the many cultural backgrounds in the area can understand them. The series is about developing an understanding of our effects upon the environment and how we can make positive changes. The paintings are lively and funny". Taken by Alexandra


Steve Buser said...

I love to stop by your site and get a flavor of things from around the world. It is a good idea and well executed. Keep up the good work

--steve buser
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synapse_jim said...

::this is a great image and I love the sentiments:::

Anonymous said...

What a great photo... you have such a cool site!!!

Rich said...

Thanks to you Steve, Jim and Ruthie... The site owes everything to those who contribute. Two of you have done so before and I hope will do so again... Thanks, Rich
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