Thursday, 31 January 2008

Pre-Columbian Soccer

"This pre Columbian city (Uxmal, Mexico) was at its zenith in the years from 700 to 1000 AD and was probably built by the Mayan people. The name Uxmal is said to stand for a Mayan expression which translates as 'built three times'. There are many vast buildings here in the middle of the Yucatan jungle some 100 km from Merida the regional capital but this open arena with its stone fittings was the site of the meso-american ball game which it is thought would be played between opposing teams of warriors using a stone ball. It is thought, but there is little evidence, that the losing team was sacrificed at the end of the game - sort of 'early bath'!". Taken by Mike

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Mike said...

Soccer is my favorite sport. You really don't need any equiptment to start playing it. Great game to play in poor places in the world.