Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Eat dem Plants!

"Common chickweed is an edible plant which grows everywhere and is flowering the whole year. It stops when it is freezing and then it can disappear, but there are so many seeds around the plant that when it is good weather again it starts growing. In summer when it's hot and dry it will disappear too and start again in autumn. Birds like the weed and we can eat it too as salad. There is a certain medical use". Taken by Wolverlei


Swubird said...

Good idea you have for a blog. Also, I like your design.

Nice picture of the chickweed. I never knew that you could eat it.

Have a nice day.

Bill said...

Hmm I wonder. Do people use chickweed to cook with? We have a bunch of rosemary growing outside our front window and sometimes we pull some of it off and use it to flavor our chicken. Is that weird?