Saturday, 5 July 2008

In the Air

"It is a common belief that here in Spain we go nuts about bullfights, flamenco and spend a lot of time enjoying our siesta, nothing more far from reality. As you saw yesterday in my previous post Las Arenas...we have less bullrings (I have never been to a Plaza de Toros in my life), flamenco is being blended with pop, rock, salsa or even jazz and of course we don't have time for siesta anymore, hummm, that I do miss. This bailaor of flamenco (flamenco dancer) was performing near the end of Las Ramblas, suddenly he jumps, I shoot and notice on my screen that his legs were not even blurred in the picture. You have to admit that good dancers sometimes flow in the air". Taken by Carlos Lorenzo


Virginia said...

Since I am the queen of blur, I am very impressed with your shot of the dancer1

Free Fonts said...

Virginia are you the one from long island?