Tuesday, 22 July 2008

On the Way to Work

"This photo was taken of a casual worker on this way to the Manila port area". Taken by Ross


Virginia said...

Interesting portrait. Very nice. I love portraits that are in tight, with even some hat etc. out of the photograph.

Gangstalicious said...

wow this shit is fucking ballin amazing shit
this is art know what im saying
that guy looks like hes from the film actors guild thouh know what im sayin?
word up dog this is some real shit
but congradulatiosn for taking pictures know what im sayin especially when them pictures be really clear and good and shit know what im syain?

Brenda said...

I always enjoy photos that capture "real-world" humanity ... without the botox lips and silicone torsos. I can tell from this man's weathered face and knit brow that he hasn't had a comfortable life ... but he's truly lived.

clean technology said...

What a good capture. Very clear and reliable. Although that man doesn't say anything I know his living on a very complicated situation.