Saturday, 10 January 2009

Whoa. Cold.

"We were cave-exploring in Veng-Vieng, Laos and came across this natural cold-water pool. We decided to take a dip and discovered the pool had an underwater entrance that led into a series of underground caves. It was a lovely way to spend hot, lazy afternoon in Laos. Best of all, we had it all to ourselves. This is what comes of having the courage to wander off the beaten track!". Taken by Carrie


roentarre said...

That place looks cold! He seems a little cringed there.

Excellent water view though

Motorcycle Jacket said...


I think this water is so cold and you could swim here.

Anonymous said...

The crystal water looks very inviting, and I just love the way the ripples shows in this shot. Very nice detail work here!!

Lil' ol' me said...

Its agreat shot and sounds a great place. Youre very brave to go off exploring.