Sunday, 22 February 2009

Surfing in Munich

"Yes it's true, there are surfers in the center of Munich. You should check out the video on Youtube". Taken by WorldWalk-Peacetour


roentarre said...

This is simply stunning shot

Not sure how this is possible!

WorldWalk-Peacetour said...

Isar is a very-very quick river, and it's water is used to fill lakes and small channels/creeks in a big park in the center of Munich. The water is leaded to there via underground channels, which are narrow enough, that's why the water flows very quick in them. At one edge of this park, the water is falling a couple of inches before it reaches its bed, and there is something in its bed, which blocks it. That's why there is a stable artificial wave there. The picture was taken on a pavement above the place, where the water start falling.

Surfing there is so common in Munich, that there is already a sign to prohibit it.

I hope I could describe you how is it possible, it's not easy to imagine it, and I have problems with my English skills too.8-)

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