Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Night Driving

"Stuck in traffic on the way to les2alpes". England. Taken by Zimmerman2


Anonymous said...

It seems underpar to be placed in such a prominent position!

Anonymous said...

Don't you have any choices that are more interesting? This choice makes me think your site isn't worth my effort to look at each day.


Rich said...

Dear 'Anonymous' and Carol

Sorry to hear that you think this image is 'underpar' or not 'interesting' enough.

However, I must offer the following response to your comments.

Photography is an artform, and as thus it is entirely subjective. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It isn't better or worse to have straight lines in a shot, a certain type of composition, everything in focus, etc. etc.

For any given photo there will be those who are attracted to it, those who feel strongly against it, and those who are not moved at all by it.

Personally I chose this photo in full awareness that it doesn't tick a lot of boxes that some may site as necessary for a generic, 'good' photo. I think this photo is a very worthy image to feature on this site or any other. In my opinion, it works because it somehow captures an essence relating to the title. The movement, the focussing, the light trails out of the window... All combine to evoke so many journeys... The excitement... The traffic drudgery... The sense of travelling to destinations unknown...

I would hate for this site to feature only generic photography. Part of the buzz of photography is that it is wide open to experimentation. Painting with light. Image alchemy.

I encourage and hope for people to submit images that push the boundaries... Experiments with photography will always 'work' for some, 'displease' others and be 'interesting' or not to some more...

Isn't it, therefore, better to resist from quantifying the interesting-ness of images, and restricting our criticism to suggestions, or constructive comments?

I could go on, but I won't. I'd love to hear others' opinions.

Thanks for visiting,


Sticks in the Mud said...

Here, here!!!

I find it an amusing photo. I also learned about les 2 alpes. Thanks Zimmerman2!

Jeannie said...

What an excellent photo - full of personality and life.

Thanks for your wonderful blog, with great photos full of interest and variety from people all over the world.

Mike said...

I am in agreement with Rich's view that this photo shows an emotion and whilst one could argue that it is technically not perfect that nevertheless it has a merit because it achieves its objective. I know the feeling of being stuck in traffic, and also on that dreadfull road full of both promise and traffic.

My advice to Carol, and 'anonymous' would be to try to look beyond the picture at the feelings of the subject.

That doesn't mean I always like Rich's chosen image, but I value his opinion and welcome the opportunity to like or dislike his choices.

Keep the pictures coming please.

Anna said...

Entertaining photo, night shots can be very interesting. Anna :)

Mia said...

While this shot does nothing for me, it is an interesting shot. Art is in the eye of the beholder and the only way to expand your views on art is to look at everything. I love the use of color in the shot even though I personally do not like the composition.

And if you are going to comment on a photo, please do not hide behind anonymous and state your name. It is only polite.

Lidia said...

This photo is funny, a bit of a play with a viewer, and gives a sense of a moment. "Perfect" photos are for boring magazines. I was stuck in a bus in a traffic in Warsaw today with a camera and didn't think about catching some interesting emotions:-) Thanks for inspiration (I recomend listening to some monastic music while in traffic).

Steve said...

Hello all i took this particular picture i don't want to say too much
as i feel rich as described the subjective nature of art quite aptly
just to say thanks for putting it up here and for all the comments on it.
To the people who didn't like it i hope you found something more to your tastes and keep viewing the site. Thanks

PAUL said...

I think it's a great shot! It always amazes me how pseudo intellectuals try and find something wrong with a photo, in a vain attempt to try and prove themselves better than others. In reality, they are only showing their lack of sensitivity and imagination.