Monday, 21 June 2010

Sahara Dunes

"The dunes of Erg Chigaga in the Moroccan Sahara desert are surreal in their height and remoteness. We reached them after a 12 hour bus from Marrakech, a few hours on a jeep and another few on camels.

This photo was taken just before the sun started setting and in a rare moment when the wind wasn't blowing sand into my lens". Taken by Alexandra Desberg


Persephone said...

Wonderful photo. Really invokes the sense of isolation and beauty.

Giuseppe Marroni said...

wow wow wow fantastic photo. congratulations!!

Carl and Heidi said...

Fantastic Blog, Fantastic images.
I wonder if any of my iamges would be up to standard for your site?
I have started a photo blog and would be very grateful if you couldhave a look and see what you think... It's called Australia Daily Photo.

Carolyn Ford said...

This is SO impressive! Wow!

Primary Work at Home said...

I like this one. Nice work!