Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Amor et Psyche

"Shot on location in Paris, France.

Visitors of the Louvre Museum in Paris love this sculpture, and I do too: the famous 'Amor et Psyche' from the artist Antonio Canova, who lived between 1757 and 1822.

The sculpture captures the moment Amor returns Psyche from her deadly sleep - after being kissed by Amor she´s awake and back to life. Canova created a marvelous work, where the spectator realizes the gentleness of love. The way Psyche hugs Amor creates a vivid dynamic composition in pure marble". Taken by John Grace


Cryingbear said...

great shot! how to revisit classics!

Anonymous said...

This sculpture is at the Met in NYC too. I remember it. :D Oh art~