Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Eagle Eye

"A wild bald eagle going about its natural routine on the tidal flats at Spanish Banks in Vancouver, BC Canada during low tide (fishing, hunting, chasing other birds, moving away from people and their dogs etc.) Notice the eagle's head is wet from fishing, piece of seaweed stuck in its beak with a water droplet on the end". Taken by Keta


Denton said...

Sort of has the exorcist look. You know the one in the movie where the actress, Linda Blair, turns her head around backwards ... Great photo and a lot of detail.

Keta said...

yes, and if you look closely at the original size, you can see the piece of seaweed sticking out of his/her beak with the droplet of water hanging off


moments later, I had crept just a wee bit closer


patient eagle, nice eagle. If I sing them a little song, or talk to them, they seem to sit for just a little longer!

Thanks for posting this Rich, you made my day (week)


Steve Buser said...

Amazing detail. I have seen very few shots like this. Usually eagles are shown so majestic. Seldom see them doing their daily chores.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Rich said...

Agreed- it really is an incredible photograph that you have taken here Keta. The bird is so majestic yet there is also this sinister edge to the expression...
Great stuff.

Thanks again for sending it in.


Keta said...

oh Rich, I'll send you one I have of a different eagle walking along the beach!

You do NOT want to get in the way of those talons.