Friday, 21 September 2007

Ghost Festival

This photo was taken in Luodong City, Taiwan. September the 10th marked the closing of Ghost Month, Lunar Month 7, when all of the spirits, freed from their otherworlds to enjoy incense, praise, and sacrifice, are wished a good journey back home. The offerings and festivities are used to not offend a potentially unwelcome guest; noone wants these 'good friends', as they call them, hanging around past their welcome. This shot is of some lanterns and lights at a Night Market Temple in Luodong on the first evening of Ghost Month. Taken by Dale


Alexandra said...

Having grown up in Taiwan, the lanterns remind me of all the Temple festivals and Night Markets that we used to go to. Love the colours. I have vivid memories of going to these celebrations as a young child. As children we used to play in the Temple across the street from our house in Tien Mou but we would light incense and bow our heads and pray before we played hide and seek...

Msterilinn said...

Awesome! It is good to honor these spirits who have passed on. We have what you call a 'spirit plate' in which we place a bit of each meal upon for those who have crossed, in case they come for a visit. Thanks for sharing this!