Saturday, 22 September 2007

Rosa Elvira Flores

"A saleswoman and her donkey in Peperina, San Javier, in the valley of Traslasierra, Córdoba, Argentina". Taken by MHerrero


mherrero said...

Hi Rich,

Thanks to choose this photography mine.
This lady sells a medicinal grass called "Peperina".
She lives on the foot of the mountain ranges, in the locality of San Javier.

Sincerilly you.

Mario Antonio Herrero Machado
Córdoba, Argentina

Lynne said...

Lovely photo, Mario. It encapsulates a whole way of life.

Denton said...

Is Rosa Elvira Flores is the ladies name.

Rich said...

Hi Denton- yes, that is the lady's name.
And Lynne- I agree with you completely :-)

Osselin said...

Buena foto, amigo.

ana said...

Muy linda foto, muestra un momento en la vida de la gente del lugar.