Sunday, 11 November 2007

Volcanic Bus Stop

"The Bus from the Ecuadorian capital Quito to Otovalo, paused at a small pass for a 'refreshment' stop, where these two women in local costume were standing with their Llama. Posed just in front of this naif mural of the volcanic hills around them they were truly at home. The Llama is a cousin of the camel and is widely found in the South American countryside where it serves as a beast of burden as well as providing fibre and meat". Taken by Benn


Jules said...

Great photo - they have such sweet smiles .....and so do the people!!!

We have plenty of volcanoes here but not a llama in sight.

Denton said...

Benn, the ladies look like they have had a hard life ... Llama's have become popular in the US as well ... for "fiber and meat" not as "beast of burden".

Anonymous said...

Jules and Denton, thanks for your comments and interest in this photo and site. I agree about the women looking tired, it must be a hard life with only sparse reward. The thought of eating the llama is sad. I was pleased not to be offered it whilst I was there.

I really enjoy this site and take a look everyday, some of the photos are so fabulous.