Saturday, 15 January 2011

Marks on the wall...

"...they might not be permanent. but they were beautiful. and they were there, for some time. they might not be there after 2 or 3 hours. but when i passed they were there. just like human emotions. they might exist at one point of time. but not other moments after or before. we're like walls. some people come and paint or carve on us. and it's up to us if we decide to remove these markings on the wall or repaint it again with different color, or keep those markings on our hearts and people will see them every time they look at us. :)

so, do you repair your walls every now and then?

- late night/early morning upload. these kind of stuff always reflect the mood i'm in. i know this is not the most perfect of shots, but it's not based on math. it's based on art. and the idea of 'art' or the definition of it is different to different perspectives, just like everything else in life". Kuwait. Taken by Socceraholic