Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ghost Town of Bodie

"Bodie, CA is a Ghost town in the Wild West. Like many other deserted towns, it came up as a Gold mining town in the nineteenth century. As the mines closed down, the population declined. US census of 1912 put the population as 120. Today, no one lives there except the park rangers.

"Winters are off-season for Bodie because the access roads are usually closed because of snow. But we were able to get there this week because snow hasn't been much. And ironically, in a town that no one lives, I managed to get a parking ticket because, apparently, I parked in the wrong empty space...
The day we visited Bodie, it was competely deserted. There was no other visitor...except the ghost that left the parking ticket." Taken by abhishekit


Carolyn Ford said...

an excellent photo of this iconic building in Bodie!

Terry said...

That is a lovely picture and I know my dad would have loved it too..if he was still with us.