Friday, 3 August 2007


"This pic was taken as we gave a tour of the Olympic sites to a group of Norwegian planners and architects". Taken by Dan


inspired said...

Naturally beautiful ;o]

Deb said...

I feel like jumping right in there with a bottle of wine and girlfriend! ;)

That is a beautiful shot---and how you captured the sun's rays.

Reminds me of Woodstock. I picture a whole buncha' hippies playing guitars and lying on the tall grass.

I have many images, as you can see.

I need help...I know this. :D

Jules said...

deb - i agree with your images - spot on - but maybe the girlfriend bit could be imporved - a nice male hippy would be better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Incredible natural beauty... which of course will wiped out by man yet again. What a shame.

huanma said...

Wow....m simply fascinated by this pic..i kinda agree with Deb,...hey deb...can i join u in the fun :) its simply awesome, breathtaking..!!! wow..I like the way the pic is captured....this is d kind of place i like to clos emy eyes and dream about especially at times when I m feeling blue...the golden sunlight playing on my body with the gentle flowers enchanting me with their fragrance as I unite with the wild nature and be one with them...ooooooooohhhh...simply gr8...thanx for having it here...gud show..!!