Friday, 31 August 2007

Warsaw Central Street

"Warsaw was almost entirely rebuilt after the Second World War. Ancient cathedrals, houses, palaces were restored according to the photos and paintings. Restoration work is still underway to this day". Taken by Mary


Simon said...

Nice shot.

Jules said...

Hi Rich Welcome back friend!!! So nice to get your lovely comments this morning.
It has been a struggle this blogging - the phonelines have nearly done me in a few times and I have been so frustrated I nearly gave it all up. But everyone has been so supportive that it has seen me through and the daily struggle seems to be worth it when you have such good blogging companions!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jules... It seems that by sticking with it you are really building something radiant... Technology will often try and get in the way but it'll work out. It makes all of this possible in the long run.

Thanks Neo- have a look at her site (click on her name).

malawika said...

My country.... :) I'm form Poland, Bydgoszcz :D. I have some pictures of Poland, but most of the nature: malawika - some photos from Poland